UNCW Office of International Programs – co-sponsor of the UNCW Swansea video project


T-minus 6 days!


This semester has flown by!  It’s hard to believe we’re less than a week from our excursion to Swansea.  Today we reviewed our equipment and developed a plan to get 4 cameras, lights, audio gear and accessories to Swansea safely. Looks like we’re in great shape!  So thrilled to be making our final plans.

We’re looking forward catching up with my colleague and friend, David Weber, who has been in Swansea since January and who is coordinating the Swansea study abroad program this semester.  We’re also excited to meet our new Swansea friends – Jon Roper and the gang at the University.

Early plans having us filming St. David’s day festivities next Saturday and cheering on the Swans next Sunday.

Welsh word for the day: excited = gyffrous!

Swans v. Crystal Palace

Swans v. Crystal Palace

Pre-Production Shoot


We met at Wrightsville Beach this morning for a Pre-Production Shoot. We took this time to record a few of our expectations and enthusiasms about the trip to Swansea, Wales. In our video-shoot, we reflected on the similarities we have found in our research between Wilmington, the beach-community we call home, and Swansea, the beach-community we are traveling to in less than a month. 

75934_10100678324858746_530358673_nConnor (left) and Zach (right) interviewing Dr. Bolduc.

Getting in the field with this talented and passionate team has increased our excitement for this adventurous trip. We will be posting this video to share every step in this experience with you. We are looking forward to each stage of this project that will challenge and stretch us as a team to create a long-lasting representation of the Swansea University Study Abroad program offered to UNCW students.

Meet the Team


In less than a month, we will be boarding a plane to the United Kingdom. Our intention is to capture the pure beauty and life of the Welsh culture. We will spend the majority of our trip interviewing students of Swansea University as well as capturing the scenic landscapes of the surrounding area. As we progress in planning our trip, we thought it would be appropriate to take time and introduce the team.


Dr. Bill Bolduc is an Associate Professor of Video Production at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. He has recently been involved in traveling to Belize to record a short documentary about the student teaching opportunities available to UNCW students in that region. His expertise and knowledge will be invaluable to this particular project.


Connor Buss is 21 years old and from Annapolis, MD. He came to UNC Wilmington to pursue a degree in Film Studies and Beach Bumming in 2010 and later added COM Studies in 2011. His interests in film & video include lifestyle and portrait documentaries, landscape and action sports cinematography and experimental 16mm film work.  He will graduate in May 2014 with a Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies and Communication Studies and plans to work in boutique cinema and client-based video production while continuously growing his business. He is beyond excited about taking his passion to Swansea with his mentor, Dr. Bolduc, and very talented colleague Zach Pomeroy. He is really hoping to broaden his horizons and knowledge about British and Welsh culture and to get a first hand taste of the landscape, culture, and of course the people. This will be his first time leaving the United States, and he knows this trip will only be the beginning of his international travel experience.


Zach Pomeroy is a Senior at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. He is a Communication Studies Major with a minor is Spanish. After he graduates, he hopes to work for a non-profit organization that creates and sustains orphan care facilities around the world. The opportunity to travel in order to capture the life and culture in other countries is what gave him the drive and motivation to focus on Media Production. As the trip to Wales approaches, he is excited about the hands-on experience this trip will provide and the chance to explore a new location.

Our anticipation is growing with our equipment list. As our departure date approaches, we want you to stay connected and engaged through out the whole journey. Please leave any comments, suggestions, questions and feedback that you may have.