Day One: Travels to Swansea


We have arrived! After 2 flights, a 4-hour bus ride and a Taxi ride from our legendary driver Aziz, we have finally made it to 11 Westbourne Place, Mumbles.


Taxi ride to 11 Westbourne Place

It is a quaint flat perfect for housing our production studio, jam sessions playing ukulele and harmonicas, and much needed sleep.

Outside 11 Westbourne Pl.

11 Westbourne Place

We had a couple of hours to settle into our flat before Dr. David Weber stopped in with some fresh Welsh Cakes, similar to Scones. We sat around to catch up with him as he has spent the last two month teaching at Swansea University. Right before dusk we gathered our gear (BlackMagic, Canon 60D with various lenses and GoPro Hero 3) and walked down to the edge of the water to capture the beauty of the area during the sunset. Once the sun dropped below the horizon, we met Dr. Weber at the local pub, The White Rose for a typical Welsh dinner of Fish and Chips.

IMG_9827     IMG_9824

Dr. Bolduc and Dr. Weber catching up 


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