Day Two: Saint David’s Day


We got a late start to our Saturday, you could blame the six-hour time change, the lack of sleep over the past 36 hours, or simply forgetting to set an alarm. Nonetheless, the footage we gained on the first day was breathtaking. Our first stop of the day was a bustling coffee shop situated in Mumbles Methodist Church named Theo’s. We each ordered a coffee while we sat down to write some post cards.


Coffee and Welsh Cake at Theo’s

The roads around the city of Mumbles were full of activity for Saint David’s Day. We gathered some footage of the children who were dressed up, a train giving rides to children around the bay right outside Mumbles and a group of men who drove scooters around the UK.

IMG_9842Connor Shooting B-Roll

As the day progressed, we scouted the best place to set up our cameras to watch the sunset over the Gower Peninsula capturing the beauty of the land along the way. We found the perfect location just as the sun began casting a golden hue on the rolling waves of the ocean.

IMG_9924Zach and Connor Setting up Time Lapse with GoPro

The sky darkened and we were getting hungry for dinner. We packed up our equipment and began our trek back to our flat. We made occasional stops where we deemed appropriate to take a long exposure photographs of the cityscape illuminated in the distance.


This particular night, we learned something very valuable about the culture of Mumbles: If you have not eaten or made reservations at a restaurant before 6 pm, it is very likely that you will not eat out that evening. Each restaurant that we went to either stopped serving food or was too full to fit more people. By a little after 9 pm, we had a table in a lively restaurant a few blocks away from where we are staying. While we were waiting for our food, Dr. Bolduc challenged us with some music trivia.


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