The Swansea Boys Have Landed


We just landed in North Carolina after a 17 hour trek back to the US!

IMG_0078.JPGWaiting in the Airport

Visiting Swansea University for the last time on this trip was a bittersweet moment for each of us. We have spent very meaningful time with multiple students and faculty of the university. Each was instrumental to the success of this project. We have captured over 220 gigabytes of footage along the way–ranging from dynamic interviews with 12 students, shots highlighting the beauty of the Gower Peninsula, shots capturing the unique life of the City Centre in Swansea, informative interview footage from the faculty and staff of the University, street shots of the little village of Mumbles that demonstrates the Welsh culture, and shots of the bright rays of sun reflecting off the ever-changing tide.

IMG_0911Riding the Swansea Bus to the University

Words do not do justice to the vast amount of love we have found for the country of Wales and Swansea University. Having the unique ability to experience the genuine people and culture of the University first-hand, has challenged us creatively to preserve the culture in a video format. After talking with countless locals, we began compiling a strategic list of places, events, and people that encompassed the experience of the study abroad program. Each day, we worked from sun-up to sun-down traveling from interviews and locations carrying only the equipment we could carry on our backs. For an extensive list of our gear, click here.

IMG_0829The Swansea Marina

Over the next couple of weeks, we will begin processing each day we spent in Swansea. You will find blog posts, photos, and videos that document each step of the production process. As we enter post production for the promotional video for the Office of International Programs, we will document each step on this blog. We will share with you our creative and strategic thought process behind the decisions that we make in the edit lab. We are also excited to unveil a few creative projects that have stemmed from this trip. Stay tuned for updates so you do not miss any part of the process.

IMG_0742Rhossili Bay


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